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How does it work?


Although I base all costings on an hourly rate, most clients prefer me to quote a fixed price for a project. Obviously it is cruicial that I have a full understanding of your requirements before being able to put together a quote. Ideally we would meet to discuss the project, but more importantly meeting enables me to gain insight and understanding of you and your organisations or products personality, history and ethos.


Logo design and brand identity, for example, can range from £250 to £1,000 and beyond.  You need to consider where you want your business or product to be in 5 years time.  If you have high aspirations, you need to get things right at the start, so spending time, and money, considering and getting your branding right at the start will not only smooth the way but also enable your desired growth.


The extent of the budget will determine the extent of the tailored fit, so before setting your budget think carefully about how important it is to you that your branding is everything it should be: appropriate, unique, versitile and memorable, but also that it shouts the identity you are dreaming of to your customers.  Any branding should speak clearly about who or what you are.


The above principals will apply to all areas of your design and marketing, whether it be marketing brochures, packaging, leaflets or shop signage. You need to stand out in your market, in your crowd.


Much as I'd like to, I don't generally work for free! Many people significantly under estimate the amount of time that goes into the design process.  I sometimes get asked to 'just quickly knock up an advert' - I never 'just knock something up' or 'throw something together' - if I put my name to it I will want to get it right, so no compromises, no shortcuts and no cheap alternatives.  (Discounts are given to registered Charitable Organisations).


Within the market of Professional Graphic Design, my fees offer great value and I'd be very happy to discuss details of any projects so I can give a detailed estimate prior to agreeing any commissions.



What next?


If you have looked through my portfolio and like what you see and like where I'm coming from, then I'd love to hear from you for  a no obligation quote, or just to talk through whether or not I am the right person for your project. It is important that we are able to work together to produce the best possible outcome. 


Go to the contact page to drop me an email, or telephone me on 07724 974895.

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There are a number of great value packages available to enable you to budget more easily.


New business start ups can especially benefit from some of these great deals.


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