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The data suggests that good advertising is, by itself, insufficient and inefficient and needs to be underpinned by broader, deeper strategic and creative definitions. When you think about it, have you ever seen an advert for a Rolls-Royce?


Jason Hartley, head of strategy at The Partners, says: “Brand is so much more powerful to an SME. We spend a lot of time with large companies and you have to convince them what makes them special and then you have to go through a huge process of saying ‘this is what you’re all about’.”


With an SME, he says, you already know what you’re all about. “Take the tech sector, the idea of what your business does in tech is never enough. If it’s a good idea you can bet that a number of people are going to be on your back. So you differentiate through your brand,” he says.


...“Many young businesses still approach their branding as if it’s going to live mostly offline and tell their story in a linear way (such as simply through text and TV, radio)”, he says. “Digital means so much more for your branding: it can move even within static moments. It demands non-linear storytelling and customer participation. It needs to be brutally simple and yet look differentiated.”

... and why advertising alone is insufficient.

Why Branding matters ...

Branding Apple

New research shows why putting branding at the centre of your business operations pays financial dividends

I'm Hilary Bates, and I'm passionate about good design. I love colour and typography, and strive for perfection.  


If you're an established business looking for some fresh views on your visual marketing, or a new business starting out, I'd love to talk to you to see how I might be able to help. I will take the time understand your business and translate your needs into effective solutions that will raise your profile in your market.


I have extensive experience in corporate sales and marketing, and am regularly commended for my ability to understand clients requirements  

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and to translate them effectively. You can read a little more about my industry background under the 'about me' tab at the top.


Take a look at some of my past work by clicking the icons to the left, and if you like what you see please do get in touch. Together we can work out how to communicate your vision to your market, and help you reach out to your customers in a way that works.  


If you think you'd like to discuss a project with me, you can get in touch via the contacts page.

Hello, and welcome to my website.